Think & Do Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting our website. On this page you can read about how we collect, share and use your personal data and what rights you have. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us. You can communicate with us at our social media accounts or through calls or email.

At Think & Do, the integrity of our customers is paramount. Here you can read more about how we handle your personal information

Collection of data

We will only access your personal information if you have registered for an activity we have arranged or if you have purchased a product from us. We only collect information that is relevant to the current activity or billing of the product. The information we can collect is name, address, contact information (telephone number, e-mail), invoice information, organization number, and information that may be relevant to the activity in question. We also note which of the Think & Do activities you participated in over the years. It is Think Do who is responsible for these tasks.

How your information is used.

We use the information to best implement our services and for our accounting. The information is mainly used in connection with the activity you have registered for or services you have purchased from us. We also send out information that we think is relevant to you in the form of email a few times a year. If you do not wish to continue receiving this information, please email us at

Dissemination of personal data

Of course, we at Think & Do, do not disseminate your information without your own approval. We never sell or distribute personal data for any commercial reason.

Your rights

Of course, with regard to the information we have about you, you can change or remove them completely. Contact us at if you have any questions.