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By developing people we change the world!

Our passion as leadership developers lies in the coaching meetings with the customer where we together create conditions that strengthen and build leaders and organizations to achieve the desired results. Each meeting is a source of reflection, planning and evaluation that leads to concrete action. We provide knowledge with warmth and in a safe environment courage is created. With humor we create self-distance.

Be the star you are

Our passion is the magic moment when the client aims for the stars and picks down the moon. We love to be passionate and are humble of the privilege to walk along many personal paths into the future. With warm hearths and curiosity we practice what we teach.

Anette Berg

I am a true enthusiast and share with me my joy and ability to see opportunities. I’m passionate about development and the belief that each individual and organization has the power to create the changes they desire.

Being inspired by our differences and understanding of how we function. When there is a spark in the customer’s eye, I know that we are on the right track and that is extremely rewarding.

Most things in life are like a string of pearls where it’s important to understand how one pearl affects the next, whether it is an individual or an organization.
The path to today I’ve taken through a career in widely different organizations and companies, where I have worked with both business development and leadership, development processes have been a recurring theme. In 2002 I started Think & Do and have devoted myself exclusively to leadership development and see it as an incredible freedom and privilege to have the opportunity to move between different organizations and positions.

Susanne Stålhand

For many years i have been working with Leadership and Personal development.
Conscious Leadership is like a muscle that needs to be trained in order to grow and develop. When that happens, the results is given.
That´s where my passion lies! What we can achieve together.

My roots lie in the north of Sweden. I grew up in a creative home where everything was possible.
Curiosity and courage are my motivations, and to be in a context together with people is a must for me.
I have worked with many different things, in different areas. The last 20 years as a leader within IT.
My passion in personal development and conscious leadership began early and to experience all the benefits of challenging myself in that area is mind blowing.
I have lived in China and Canada for 8 years where I was given the opportunity to both work and study behavioural science on a deeper level as well as leadership development.
I am a certified Coach and Mentor.
Think & Do gives me a platform to work together with like-minded. Help to develop people on a personal level and in their leadership. Be a part of and contribute to experience the full potential of an individual. It is huge and fantastic!
A given investment that always makes a difference!

Are you our next star?

We offer you who are passionate about leadership development, want to make a difference and share experiences, a stimulating and fantastic opportunity to contribute to satisfied customers.
You have experience in senior management and are looking for the next step as an entrepreneur.
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